: Maca Wild Yam Cream
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A natural option for soothing & softening.

Herbalists around the world - from China to Mexico - have used wild yam to soothe the symptoms of PMS and menopause for many years. Wild yams contain a chemical called diosgenin that is remarkably similar to progesterone. Progesterone is thought to balance the effects of estrogen in a woman's body - a key factor in the severity of PMS and menopausal symptoms.

We blend therapeutic grade lavender, herbal extracts of healing chamomile & willow, and wild yam into a delicious smelling, soothing cream that softens skin and calms the body. Our herbal remedy also contains Vitamins A, D, & E and trace minerals that the body needs in order to function properly. Nutra's proprietary blend of Optie MSM is the foundation of many of our natural remedies; this all natural compound assists the body with absorption of vitamins and minerals and imparts skin with a younger, softer look.

Instead of chemicals and lab-created solutions, Nutra's Maca Wild Yam cream from Mother Nature herself assuages the side effects of the body's natural cycles. Your skin, body, and spirit will be delighted.

Nutra's products replenish and soothe through the power of nature.

Our products are comprised of fresh ingredients specifically manufactured by Nutra. To prevent chemical toxicity, we only use plant-based ingredients.

More about MSM

Nutra's patented Opti-MSM is a unique all-natural blend that helps feed the body the nutrients it needs while softening skin and improving appearance.

This sulfur compound is thought to improve skin's elasticity, making skin look younger and healthier. It is commonly found in raw milk, fish, grains, and many fruits & vegetables. MSM is extremely fragile and easily destroyed during even moderate processing for cosmetics. Our formulation process takes MSM's special attributes into account so that our clients reap maximum effectiveness from this powerful ingredient.