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The wonders of nature solve daily challenges.

Do you wonder why snow is white? MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is nature's way of purifying - from making snow white to helping the human body eliminate free radicals and foreign proteins.

What is MSM?

Every living organism requires MSM, an organic sulfur compound vital for producing news cells, collagen, and keratin. MSM in combination with collagen connects tissue - making skin look younger and keeping organs and muscles functioning properly. Keratin and MSM impart your skin with strength; the combination is also critical for strong nails and healthy, shiny hair.

How does MSM benefit me?

Clinical studies show that people afflicted with osteoarthritis show a significant reduction in pain and less difficulty performing daily activities with a daily MSM supplement. Another study done on seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hayfever, proved that MSM reduced upper respiratory problems within 7 days and increased energy by the end of the second week as compared to patients given placebos. But, medical science has been slow to research all of the benefits.

Some of the potential benefits* of using MSM:

Nutra customers have told us that MSM has helped with many ailments including headaches, carpal tunnel, cramps, tendonitis, and varicose veins.*

Why take MSM powder if my body makes MSM?

Although all living things produce MSM, production slows as we age. Because much of our food is processed and MSM is destroyed during heating, it's challenging for people eating a typical western diet to absorb the MSM they need from food sources.

How do I use MSM powder?

Nutra's MSM Powder is odorless, tasteless, and easily dissolved in water. Overdosing is highly unlikely because your body will naturally flush out what it does not need within approximately 12 hours. There are no known side effects.

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More about MSM

Nutra's patented Opti-MSM is a unique all-natural blend that helps feed the body the nutrients it needs while softening skin and improving appearance.

This sulfur compound is thought to improve skin's elasticity, making skin look younger and healthier. It is commonly found in raw milk, fish, grains, and many fruits & vegetables. MSM is extremely fragile and easily destroyed during even moderate processing for cosmetics. Our formulation process takes MSM's special attributes into account so that our clients reap maximum effectiveness from this powerful ingredient.