Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safe and effective products for our customers.

The Nutra Story

Many years ago I found myself living in Vancouver Canada. While there, a friend introduced me to Jonn Randel, a man who operated a business researching and manufacturing natural health food products. I began working for him at the sales desk selling his products across Canada. It didn't take long for me to notice that he had quite a dedicated following. Many people would call in from all over the world asking for the quality products they had come to expect from him.

I decided to ask Jonn to make me an MSM Cream that was nice enough to use on the face. Up until that point, Jonn had never made a skin cream and while he had heard of MSM, he was not familiar with its healing properties. Intrigued and willing, he called experts from around the world to research what goes into a great quality skin cream and Nutra Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream is the result.

Why an MSM Cream? Many years ago I became interested in the healing qualities of MSM so I did some research and found products that used MSM as an active ingredient. On a trip to Florida I got a painful sunburn and decided to try some MSM lotion I had packed. It worked well beyond my expectations both by quickly stopping the pain and by preventing the skin from peeling. No other sunscreen/sunburn product I had ever used was as effective. My only complaints were the texture of the lotion and the unpleasant smell. So for many years I kept the lotion but rarely used it.

As I became more and more health conscious, I began to obsessively read labels and discovered the abundance of products that contained toxic chemicals. When I read the label on the lotion that had helped my sunburn, I realized it too contained some of these toxic chemicals and this bothered me quite a bit. Why use a product for healing when it contains so many dangerous toxins? Jonn agreed.

With this in mind, Jonn produced a clean product, free of toxins. But would it sell? It felt great when applied to the skin and it smelled wonderful; maybe just maybe we were on to something. So I began selling this Nutra Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream across Canada. Before long, I realized there was a fair amount of competition in the MSM cream and lotion market. Most stores already had one or two MSM products on the shelf and were not willing to add another.

Finally, after several months I had a breakthrough in the form of customer demand. At the time we were only making a 4 oz jar and I had persuaded a health food store in Ontario, Canada to carry our product when they already had several other MSM Creams and lotions on the shelf. One day the buyer called to say customers were buying the Nutra Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream two at a time and were asking if we had a larger size. That was great news! It meant that we had a product more and more people were choosing over the competition. Now we have 9 different sizes with the largest being the 1 Gallon Practitioner Size.

Nutra Face, Skin & Joint Ultra Relief Cream is a high quality skin care product found in a wide range of markets from internationally famous spas to natural food and health stores. It has earned a reputation as a high quality moisturizer and a fast acting solution for many skin problems. I invite you to try it and experience the healing benefits for yourself!

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